“Kill Jesus & Legalize Prostitution, Everybody’s Doing It!”

There’s a guy running around filling people’s heads with nonsense about all sorts. He calls himself ‘Society’ among other names.

He’s the one who came up with the line ‘but everybody’s doing it’ to help you explain why you should be allowed to do things you know are wrong.

But that’s not all.

Society is also responsible for many other smart ideas like:

  • “The world is flat”
  • “Give us Barnabas  – kill Jesus”
  • “Forget self control, just dish out condoms”
  • “Gay and in love? Make that man your bride!”
  • “Their skin is different. Let’s make them slaves”
  • “What? Your pregnancy is inconvenient? Abort, abort!”
  • “Over 18? Now you can!”
  • “This shockingly well-organized universe… it’s just an accident”
  • “Want land? Kill the white farmers”
  • “Prostitution hard to control? Just legalize it”

You’ve heard about that last one right? In South Africa recently he’s got them convinced to legalize prostitution. This in a country with insanely high rates of sexual crime, in a region with the highest AIDs infection rates, in a time when the marriage institution is falling apart and values like faithfulness are dying. Still who cares about all that –

Prostitutes have rights!

And with 2010 World Cup just around the corner, they should be allowed to make money too, right? Well society seems to think so. What’s next?

“Psycho Serial Killers Rights?”

The point is this – ‘society is lost – very’. And so are you if you follow.  Now more than ever we need individuals who are able to rise above society norms and make positive changes. People who can tell the truth from a lie, even if the lie is more convenient.

But to do that, to truly become outstanding, you’ll have to face one of society’s most powerful lies. “It’s Impossible, you’re being unrealistic”.

4 Replies to ““Kill Jesus & Legalize Prostitution, Everybody’s Doing It!””

  1. I could not have put this topic across any better myself Max. Truth be told society is responsible for the moral decay in today ‘s youth. Yes its the way society perceives immoral behavior that leads to it being acceptable and practiced as if its right. Those that try to stick to whats right become the ‘outcasts’

  2. legalizing prostitution is plain stupid and morally sick. very well put max.

  3. Wasn’t Jesus meant to die?

    If men didn’t want it there would be no prostitution! And besidesis it not better to first control it then work your way to eradicating it? Take a soccer match, you have to absorb the othewr team’s pressure before taking the ball of them and scoring yourself!

    Change in the world is inevitable and society does dictate how this comes about. I am not saying I am for prostitution but better it be out in the open than underground who knows with what risks.

    Its like people who do not want violence/porn on DSTV, just dont go to or watch the channel that shows that or get off DSTV!

    If you are not for prostitutes dont go to them period. Ladies take care of your men, Men take care of your ladies – no infidelity.

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