Marketing Consultancy Setup Kit

Here is a summary of the contents of our marketing consulting kit. It’s designed to make everything super fast and easy for you in setting up your consulting practice.

Over 50 Marketing Management documents in 7 major categories
  Sales management
  Market Analysis
  Marketing Campaign planning & strategy
  Clients & service providers
  Managing Sales Reps
  Sales letter templates

Complete Brand Kit. Enjoy the benefits of an attractive and credible brand image working across all your stationery and communication pieces. It will inspire confidence in your business from partners, suppliers and customers.

  Brand Logo design
  Business Cards design (Business Cards can also be printed)
  Letterheads design (Letterheads can also be printed)
  Compliment Slips design (Compliment slips can also be printed)

Website Design. Get a site that will show case your services across the globe to potential hundreds of millions of people. Your website is the ideal communications tool for dealing with partners, prospects and customers and expanding your credibility, whilst explaining your services in a cost effective way.

  Home Page
  About Us page
  Contact Us page
  Services page

Company Registration
Get your business legally registered quick and easy. Choose from one of our available names or register a personalized name of your own.

Financing and Accounting package. Never be caught unable to create or manage your manage budgets, cash flow, cash projections & financial planning etc. This comprehensive set of forms & templates allows you to do all of this with much greater ease than ever before.

Human Resources Management Package. No more confusion about how to hire, partner with,
recommend, terminate, manage, measure & motivate employees in your new business. This set provides all the tools to make life easier for you.


Delivery: Depending on your location and preference, you will receive your kit either on CDs or zipped files on your email.

Free back up service: We keep a copy of all your designs (brand and website). If you require these in future (lose or damaged your CDs).

Cost: For the duration of this promotion period, all kits have been drastically discounted. Depending on your chosen options, type of business and delivery preferences you kit will cost you between $450USD – $2000

If you’d like to discuss a payment plan, then feel free to give us a call (+263 773 098 648) or email us.

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