Chicken Inn Caught Using 'Mind Control' Tactics

“Chicken Inn Employs Powerful ‘Mind Control’ Tactics On Zimbabweans…”

Chicken Inn logo
Old Chicken Inn Logo

Noticed the change of Chicken Inn’s logo along First Street, Harare? Innscor has made major changes to logos for Chicken Inn, Creamy Inn and Bakers Inn – starting with their busiest and probably most successful location – 1st street. One question though…

Why Are They Re-branding?

An artistically inspired moment by bored executives at the Innscor HQ?

No, the answer lies in a little known and much more calculated strategy .  A strategy that every ambitious entrepreneur MUST come to understand, and master.  It all began with a sinister, hypnotic, ‘mind control’ experiment conducted 30 years before Chicken Inn came to be. True story;

In a small theatre, 1957, dozens of unsuspecting movies goers, were forced to view advertising messages, without even knowing it – a technique later referred to as subliminal marketing.

James Vicary accomplished this by placing a tachiscope in the theatres projection booth. Throughout the film, every 5 seconds, Vicary would flash messages on the screen for just 1/3000th of a second at a time, far below a viewers threshold of conscious perceptibility.

The messages said “Drink Coca-Cola” or “Eat Popcorn” and were designed to increase sales of these products.

The result?

The experiment was a big flop – no increased sales! However, it captured the imagination of marketers (and scientists) who since then have sought to discover and refine secret ‘mind influencing’ techniques to increase sales for their products and services. They are determined to distinguish fact from fiction, what truly works, and what doesn’t.

The re-branding of Chicken Inn, is one such technique, proven to yield powerful results when done right.

Innscor wants to influence your mind and your wallet!

They want you feeling a certain way about Chicken Inn, Creamy Inn and Bakers Inn. After all, that’s what branding is all about – managing perceptions. When you can influence the perception of your market, you will influence their wallets.

So how can you use the branding ‘mind control’ technique?

Well, first it’s important that you understand what a brand actually is;

A brand is the combination of tangible and intangible characteristics, communicated through a symbol or word that (in business) influences the buyers decisions & adds value.

You may want to read that again.

A strong brand will bring to mind strong emotions in the audience about the beliefs, feeling, values & personality of the product they’re dealing with. With powerful emotional logic, brands tell us who we want to buy from and associate with.

Ever wondered how a little tick could possibly make someone feel ‘cool’ about what they’re wearing? Branding is the answer – Call it ‘ethical mind control’.

Nike Shoes
Just a tick on a shoe?

Brands help us make easy our buying decisions quick and easy. It’s like psychological short hand that tells us quickly which choice we should make.

In America, where the average store stocks between 30 000 – 100 000 different brands, the choices can be overwhelming. Consumers need a way to easily distinguish & make choices.

In Zimbabwe where businesses are attempting recovery from crazy economic times, much business is still ‘unofficial’ – consumers need to know which businesses can be trusted – who can really do the job.

As an entrepreneur, can you see how this is an absolute must for your business?

So how does one use the power of branding?

Answer these questions to get started on designing your brand;

  1. What makes your business important? If your business closes down, what specifically will the market miss out on? It helps to consider exactly what problem your business solves and for whom.
  2. What makes your solution different? A better/ the only choice?
  3. If your business (product/service) was a person, how would people describe his/her personality?

The more specific you are with your answers, the more you’ll get out of the process.

As you can see, Branding (or re-branding) a business involves much more than designing logo. In fact, we’ve barely scratched the surface. That’s why real branding is not the job of a graphics designer. He’s job is merely to visually communicate a brand that is already designed – in the same way a personal fashion designer creates clothes to match your personality, values  and audience.

So…will Chicken Inn, Creamy Inn and Bakers Inn succeed at ‘controlling our minds?’ I don’t know, but one thing is sure; If they don’t someone will.

As for you, become a hypnotic marketer. Become a mad scientist. Find out what subconscious triggers influence the buying decision of your market. It takes a curiosity and sensitivity. It requires a deep respect for the people who buy and don’t buy. It means caring enough to go beyond blasting ads at people to finding out what really moves them.

After that, use for your powers for good!

Stay smart.

You know, all this talk of chicken has got me hungry, maybe I’ll send for some Chicken Inn now – oh wait – is that me thinking or have they got me already?!

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12 Replies to “Chicken Inn Caught Using 'Mind Control' Tactics”

  1. You spoke about mind control and re-branding but you did not mention “how” the new logo was controlling or influencing our buying habits. Its true there are mind control tactics in the advertising world but the question still remains, what has all this have to do with the chicken inn logo?

  2. This is an article by a person who is bad at what they do. The writer comes up with a definition of some marketting concept, but fails to tie it to ckicken inn. Does his/her theory come from the fact that the logo has changed, or does he/her have evidence that is supported by the fact that the logo has changed? Where is the glue that ties chicken inn to the title of the story? Who caught chicken inn doing this, the author? Ridiculous?

  3. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with a few pics to drive the message home a little bit, but other than that, this is wonderful blog. An excellent read. I will definitely be back.

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