Anger Management For Entrepreneurs!

I’m Angry Again….Grrrr!

When you’re finally sick and tired of being sick and tired and your back hurts from being up against the wall…then, just maybe – you’ll get angry. And frustrated. And intolerable. Maybe you’ll finally be ready to make a change.

You’ll grow quick-tempered and irritable at the mention – the mere thought of doing things the way you used to. The way that doesn’t work. You’ll lose patience with the old habits, systems, strategies and theories that have limited you for so long.

This is a good thing because…

If you ever get to the place where you can’t stand being the same – you’ll be empowered to make a change. You have the fuel you need to go the distance.

All you need now is a clear direction of where you want to be. I’m talking crystal clear. Clear enough that you can describe it in your sleep. Clear enough, that you can distinguish between opportunity and distraction. Clear enough that you can describe it in one short paragraph – or 30 seconds.

Without this sort of clarity in business (and life), you’re sunk. You’re destined to waste time and money doing the wrong things – again and again. You’re destined for slow progress – if any.

Well, I’m angry again. Some changes that are long overdue – Iast time i was this angry i

  • I stopped the practice of doing ‘resistible marketing’. The kind that makes no impact. The kind that looks nice, and feels good – but gets zero results. You know, the kind that 99% of local marketing consultants and expensive ad agencies love.
  • I stopped donating money I didn’t have to the Herald newspaper by using stupid or low leverage advertising strategies.
  • I stopped trying to get rich by next week Wednesday, and failing. I began instead to build marketing assets and resources that over time would build me a brand and feed my bank account.
  • I stopped reading self-help books to feel inspired and I started acting on principles of truth to feel inspired by the results

Heck – I stopped a lot of things – then replaced them with empowering habits

Anger Management For Entrepreneurs

Anger is a fuel and it needs to be managed, otherwise it’ll just blow up in your face, and destroy everything around you. Here’s how to manage it for creating change.

  1. Point Anger in the right direction. Not your mama, or your daddy. Not Robert Mugabe or Morgan Tsvangirai. Not your business partner, pastor or your wife. Being angry with someone else can really dis-empower you. You try to change them, even against their own will – which you can’t do. You come to see them as the source of your happiness or success – which they’re not. Be angry with the situation…with the limitation, with the habit.
  2. Give your anger an assignment. Tell your anger very specifically what you want to change and how. Then describe in detail what that change looks like. Once you’re fueled toward a clear goal, you’re half way there.
  3. Turn your anger into Passion.Staying angry will hurt you. Anger is focused on a negative. The trick in managing your anger is to not keep it. Take it, then quickly convert it into passion for a positive result. Turn your anger into enthusiasm for the change you’re after. This powerful positive focus will get you thinking empowering thoughts – with passion.

And that’s the ticket.

Will anger solve your life’s problems? Nope. But get enough fuel in the tank, and it’ll cause you to take massive action towards change. No fuel, no movement. No movement, no change.

You angry? Angry enough?

2 Replies to “Anger Management For Entrepreneurs!”

    1. keep making the same mistake of allowing my anger to over spill and often on small issues that can be fixed. Most often it is the closest people in my life that get affected and I regret these outbursts and want to change my ways.

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