Odds Are Against YOU Doing This…BUT

Statistically, there’s a ‘fat chance’ you’ll do what i’m about to ask. Maybe this is a significant waste of time but i’m going ask anyway…

Would You Please Leave A Comment?!

Besides beating the odds and saving a life, Here’s why i ask…

Meoowww - Help Me!

According to the stats, no matter how good this blog gets, i should expect less than 5% of readers to leave a comment from time to time. That means that you’re probably in the 95% who has NEVER left a comment here on the Bizsetup Blog.

Just for today, lets break a world record for comments!


Here are a few ideas…

  • Just Say hello
  • Introduce yourself
  • what business are you into?
  • What should i write more about?
  • Less about?
  • What do you like so far?
  • What help do you need as an entrepreneur?
  • How do you feel about business in 2010?
  • Say all of the above.

Go ahead, comment it below! As many times as you like, as long as you like (but keep it clean, and sensible!)

C’mon, do it for the kitten!

12 Replies to “Odds Are Against YOU Doing This…BUT”

  1. Thanks for the articles, they are all very helpful as a step by step guide to being an effective entrepreneur. Was really impressed when i read Cash Baron Secrets, keep doing this marvellous task of yours i know it will take you places and take us as the readers places as well.

  2. Max you have made a lot of effort to deliver an excellent site and i for one truly appreciate it. I’m a regular reader and would like to see more articles on online and email marketing specific issues. You site is certainly one of a kind, definitely my favorite local source.

  3. Max,

    AS always, I love the articles. Very inspiring as wel as thought provoking.

    Thanks a million.

  4. i consider you a mentor. i read not only your articles, but am also a member of all your various websites and services. thank you mr soutter.

  5. i say let the kitty get it!

    exciting and inspired work you’re doing Max. Gaan aan!

    in the 2010 spirit when shall we look forward to a meeting event, a bring and braai, beer and boerewors, cherry plum and thingz type situation?. 🙂

  6. he he he ….
    Not about to get u ideas, but man, uh are the best mentor there is 4 free…

  7. Being part of the 95%, you are the best mentor ,i read your articles which are inspiring yet so touching !IN using your ideas in my busz is super ,thanks man you great

  8. Your articles are very inspiring ,even though i dont have my own business yet and i am unemployed without any significant professional qualification.i know one day when i make it, it will all be thanks to u.

  9. Allen,

    Why can’t today be that day when you start your own business?

    What are you already good at?

    What is it that you re passionate about.

    Blogging is here to transform environments to help people like your self.

    So blog away. Tell us what you like and would like to do and we can see where this leads you.

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