23 Random Do's and Don'ts

Whoever and whatever you are – entrepreneur, business leader or employee going places… check out these random do’s and don’ts…the first 23 that came to mind as i wrote!

Some are  deep, others shallow. Some funny, others dead serious and then there are some you may disagree with completely.

1)      DO: Make friends with people in low places. They’re the one’s who actually do the work. You’d be surprised how much more useful they are than the big boss.

2)      DON’T: Don’t wait for inspiration, demand it. Don’t check to see if you’re in the mood, decide that you are.

3)      DON’T: Don’t try to get rich, you already are.

4)      DON’T: Don’t accept that bribe. There’s no such thing as genuine confidence without a clear conscious.

5)    DON’T: Don’t procrastinate today, do it tomorrow.

6)    DO: Doubt your doubts.

7)    DON’T: Don’t stop now – It’s almost a habit…just 3 more times.

8)    DON’T: Just for today, don’t give a single thought to what might go wrong.

9)    DO: Be a good friend… make friends uneasy about being mediocre around you.

10)  DO: Be too clean for anyone to talk to you like dirt.

11)  DO: Be a nerd – read more than you’re ‘supposed to’.

12)  DO:Take the day off, master the art of relaxation.

13)  DON’T: Don’t take 2 days off, master the art of quick recovery.

14)  DO: Work smart, not hard and remember, it’s smart to work hard.

15)  DO: Spend money to save time before you spend time to save money.

16)  DO: Go far out of your way to help someone else, with no personal benefit in mind – even though you’re busy, just do it anyway.

17)  DO: Be generous, stop and give a street kid some money. Give more than you usually would. Don’t worry about how they spend it.

18)  DO: Go with your gut feeling. Listen to your inner voice

19)  DON’T: Don’t listen to your inner critic.

20)  DON’T: Don’t try to convince anyone that you’re impressive, just be impressive.

21)  DO: Do overestimate yourself. It’s better than overestimating the your problems

22)  DON’T: Don’t overestimate yourself. Don’t estimate. Measure.

23) DON’T: Definitely don’t buy a product or service from someone who doesn’t use it himself. If he buys from a different company, buy from them too. If he doesn’t use it himself… that’s what he really believes about what he sells.

Feel free to add to the list. Disagree with any of them? Comment about it!

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