Things Are Going To Get Worse This Year… Definately

Everything is going to get worse for you in 2010… it really is. Things will not improve. It will not ‘just work out’…nothing will come together. A year from now, you’ll be broke, your brand unknown and you be going around
in circles, saying…”Things will get better”. But they wont.
Want proof?
You’re still doing things the same way – that’s all the proof you need.
  • Same bad habits
  • Same limiting perspectives
  • Same negative friends,
  • Same foolish investments.
I hate to say it… but some people NEED to hear this jazz.
Of course there is an ‘unless’ before the full stop to all this. A big one.
It’s “UNLESS you change.”
I’ll say that differently…
“Unless YOU change.” unless YOU change, not things.
Unless YOU get smart. Unless you spend your time, words, money better than you did last year.
It all happens subconsciously, but there’s a massive difference between
those who live like ‘things’ need to change and those who realize that
THEY need to change. In 2010, things will get better for those who get better.
Decide now to be the change you’re looking for in your life. If you’ve
been penniless, you wont change it by acting broke.
Put on your ‘game face’ and act like a success. Do this for long enough and
‘things’ will catch up with your better attitude, better words and better action.
Want to make 2010 your best year ever? Think, talk and act better than you ever have before. You Are the master of your life…not ‘things’.
AH… see that? Things are getting better already!

7 Replies to “Things Are Going To Get Worse This Year… Definately”

  1. Things are already better….just think that way! If you are in a difficult situation and things seem like they not working out, just think and focus on the end result you want and the rest will fall into place…keep positive, let it rain!

  2. You’re spot on Shane. Negative thinking habits will kill success – AND things ARE in fact already better as soon as you adopt that sort of mindset.

  3. i found this very shockin b4 i read it but later on it was very usefull
    and encouraging.but the question is how do one start business without capital?

  4. Hey Taf, you don’t start a business without capital, it’s not done. Capital is the resource required to launch and fuel the idea. What you’re asking about is money and you’re probably thinking about how much you have.

    You should be thinking about leverage. Use what you have or know to influence the financial buy-in of someone with money who trusts you and who’s looking for good returns. If you don’t know or have enough bru, you’re going to have to invest in learning, get a better paying job, get saving, get selling, do whatever you have to to get capital even if it takes a while.

    No life without wife, no business without capital

  5. @Taf. Hi Taf, if you really don’t have any money you have a few options

    1) Influence someone else with money (as Malcohm says) . It’s a lot easier said than done, but possible when you know how. Read my book Cash Baron Secrets… it’ll show you how in detail.

    2) In some businesses, you can exchange time for money. Usually this means doing for yourself what you’d ordinarily have paid someone else to do. It means everything takes longer and is often done on a very basic level, but it gets done.

    3) My fav – if you already have at least a skeleton business, then use marketing to generate sales sufficient to capitalize your own business.

    4) If you don’t have a product/service but you have marketing assets (skills, connections, tools, information), then go into sales for someone else on commission. Make it flexi-time and based on results.

    5) If you have no cash, but you have collateral, the banks are giving out loans again.

    6) And of course you can save. It’s the most boring of the options, but sometimes the most practical.

    I prefer number 3 to number 1 because you wont have to give up any ownership or control in your business – as is often (not always) the case with getting funding.

  6. all the positive thinking in the world
    will not change the elites agenda political truth section

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