'Tiger Woods' is Dead – Suicide!

BREAKING NEWS: ‘Tiger Woods’, after a short but traumatic media scandal… is dead. All evidence points to suicide – no foul play suspected.

Tiger's Nike Advert

Who would ever have thought that the ‘Tiger Woods’ brand would die such a horrible death? I mean it is dead right? 10 different women – porn star and all? This is worse than Clinton and Lewinsky in 1998.

Ok… maybe not THAT bad. Still, Tiger Woods’ is dead – at least that’s what I’ve been hearing.

And maybe their right. I mean 10 different women?! That’s gotta be some kind of record for a brand suicide. Right?

RIGHT? It sure deserves to be!

Okay okay, self righteousness aside, Maybe it’s not dead. Maybe this is just be the beginning of a new era in the life of the Tiger brand.



Last year Tiger Woods earned $100 Million dollars from endorsements, prize winnings and all sorts (wish i could play golf). Since the recent scandals, though, his endorsements have been dropping like flies. – well, very slow flies that is. Seemed they’ve taking a sort of a wait and see approach.

I don’t blame them, unlike my advice to Tiger’s wife, it may not a good idea to drop the Tiger Brand too quick.

Personally, i don’t think Tiger’s marketability is going anywhere. Not really.

Here’s why

1) ‘Tiger Woods’ is ‘Tiger Woods’, first and foremost because he’s the world’s greatest golfer… that hasn’t changed. When he gets back from he’s Husband/father break…he’ll be back to winning. Brands will always want to associated with winning – even if it’s only on the course.

2) This whole saga has made Tiger Woods, even more visible then he’s ever been! Even people who couldn’t care less about golf are interested in Tiger now.  This give his brand wider reach than ever before. With the right positioning…it could be more profitable than before.

3) According to some brand analysts the Tiger Woods brand appeals more to the affluent, middle aged – who are apparently a lot more forgiving and understanding than most demographics. Maybe in time, they’ll just forget it?

Either way, the brand won’t remain unchanged. It may shift target market, and be endorsed by a different set of companies. A huge and very expensive inconvenience. Not to mention embarrassing.

So what’s the lesson in all this? (besides “Thou shalt not cheat on thy wife”)?

I think it’s a reminder of the importance of protecting your brand reputation. That every interaction your brand makes with the public is potentially profitable…or dangerous.

I’ll bet Tiger Would never have been caught near a Porn Star (or 10) if he’d known it would be exposed one day right? All of a sudden, the voices of these  ‘unimportant interactions’ with ‘ unknown people’ have hit the news.


You never know which one of your customers or suppliers will have their opinion of  you amplified for ‘the world’ to hear.

I guess it’s a warning to us all (myself included)…treat each person as though they’ll be telling on you. They probably will. Not always to the media, but many times to someone else, who could be your next big opportunity, or much needed cheque.

Yours for smarter business

Max Soutter

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19 Replies to “'Tiger Woods' is Dead – Suicide!”

  1. You’re an idiot. Besides the sensationalist headline, cynically created to attract attention to your (Oh-So-Clever) spin (oh wait, it’s the brand not the person! didn’t see that coming!), your argument is flawed, your analysis disjointed and your writing is, at best, stilted.

    Thank you for wasting my time clicking this link from your dipleague posting … maybe one day the internet will have an UN-click function, cos adding my IP to your hits for today is a waste of a good link.

    Bore us some more, Max. Go for it.

  2. There is NO WAY the Tiger brand is dead. i agree. Unlike entertainment brands , being number 1 in golf is about skill, not votes. As long as he’s the best, brands will always keep the Tiger Woods brand alive. Thanks Max, great piece.

  3. @Tron, you’re the idiot. There’s a big difference between ‘Tiger Woods’ and Tiger Woods…duh! Go learn to read!

    Speaking of idiots…so is Tiger actually. Though unfortunately, i think we’re a long way away from getting rid of him as a brand.

  4. Hey Tron…You are so stupid but sounds like you have concocted a real extra cleaver analysis yourself? Why don’t you offer it here rather than calling names.

    Besides that i thought it was quite clear in the (headline and in dipleague)it wasn’t literal from the fact that the headline speaks of ‘Tiger Woods’, instead of Tiger Woods? Or have i missed something?

    Having said that, i think that the Tiger Brand is actually dead Max. I just don’t see how he will ever recover from TEN WOMEN?

  5. @Tron, Thanks for posting! I’m sorry the confusion offended you so much. I really did believe that making it ‘Tiger Woods’ would make it interesting without being miss-leading. I’m sorry for ‘wasting your time’ though i would’ve loved have heard what your argument is concerning the brand?

    Having said that…let’s keep in nice around here guys. No name calling please.

    I really don’t mind anyone disagreeing with me here…i don’t aim to please everyone or claim to be all knowing.

    Thanks to all, who have argued my case.. i appreciate it, though it’s not necessary – especially if you’re going to be throwing around names even in my defense.

    I’ve already had to delete 3 very rude comments, angry responses to Tron, and one that agreed with him very(VERY) strongly!

  6. Damn you Max…, you almost had me – but i knew something was up when i noticed the quote marks! Actually i think that was a great headline, i mean it got us all here didn’t it?

    @Tron (what kind of name is that anyway!) Go home and cry to your mama!

    If ‘Tiger Woods’ isn’t dead, then it’s certainly limping. He’s going to need some really smart marketing to turn this one around – including some great headlines. Maybe you should apply for the job Max!

  7. Ya Max… i was also quite ‘peeved’ by the headline! Granted…maybe i should have read more carefully, but i agree with Tron. Perhaps you should have written more carefully. It was VERY misleading. Traumatic for a Tiger Woods fan!

    Of course you’re not an idiot though, far from, especially when it comes to marketing! I love your blog and you always have very useful and interesting things to say! Keep up the good work!

  8. Tiger Woods IS dead.

    His brand, his marriage and his reputation.

    All that’s left is an empty shell of a worthless man who can hit small white balls far and straight. What a jerk. When will men stop cheating on the people who love them the most?

  9. Helloooo? The only reason Tron left such a nasty comment is to draw attention to his stupid porn site! Max delete…delete!

  10. What a headline…also got me for a sec but after reading it a second time, I must say Max you’re good…don’t worry about other peoples opinions they dont matter, you make good reading worthwile and if someone finds the link a waste of time, it takes a second to click the “x” and get out of it…

  11. @ Charles – thanks bru, i’d love the job! Do you know how i can get in touch with Tiger’s agent? I could do with a few million dollar right now!

    @Mozi…thanks for the good eyes, hadn’t noticed that. I will delete now

    @Lisa – thank you very much Lisa, i appreciate it.

  12. Hey Max…. How about a new headline “Mugabe” is dead!!!!!!!!!! see what happens.

  13. Nothing wrong with the headlines….I have been watching Mr Soutter with growing interest and the man is destined for greater things. The world pays attention to anything outrageous…Max didnt date 10 sex workers…Tiger did !!

    I sold records upon records through the Sex Pistols because everyone thought it was cool and diffrent

  14. @Taffy & Flash… Ha! Whilst i’m sure that would get me A LOT of traffic to the site for a few days, i suspect that there might also bring some undesirable traffic to my office. Think i’ll pass this time round!

  15. ha ha ha Taffy and Flash you got me laughing. Max dont listen to these guys they’ll get you into trouble ha ha ha. anyway that was a very interesting topic Max and i share the same sentiments with you that “Tiger Woods” is dead. I guess people should work hard to protect their reputation cause it takes so much time to build a good name yet it takes only a few seconds to destroy it… and if one becomes reckless all their hard work could go to waste.

    On the other end i believe “Tiger Woods” still has loyal fans so i guess all could be resucitated though things will never be the same as they were before his exposure.

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