Gold for Free…Calling All Gold Diggers!

Are you a gold digger? I hope so because I’m giving away some Gold for free…want some? Sure you do.

Gold Blocks
Gold Blocks

So here it is then


Where? Right In front of you silly – the internet! Let me explain…

The internet is the greatest archive of valuable information that’s ever existed. Experts in every field have published their findings on the internet -that’s gold.

We’re talking about info they

  • Spent years to learn, you can learn in an instant.
  • Info they spent millions to research, is yours free.
  • Information that could completely change any area of your life.

I’d guestimate that there are at least 10 million pages online that contain information that’s like gold to you RIGHT NOW.

  • Information on how to raise your kids the right way
  • Information on how to increase your economic value and earn more
  • Information on how to be your wife’s dream husband
  • Information on how to make a meaningful contribution to society
  • Information on how to be born again, develop yourself spiritually and such.

All kinds of Gold. That’s problem you’ve been struggling with…someone already solved it.

And here’s a shovel or three to dig with. Google/ Zimboogle/ Bing/

With the above shovels (search engines), you can find almost any info gold you could possibly need. It’s usually quick, but it sometimes takes a few hours.

But i guess that’s too boring for the average person. It’s too much work to dig through the dirt to reach the Golden nuggets that could make you truly wealthy.

If i told you the exact location underground where you could find a mountain of Gold… would you do something about it? Would do some digging?

Most would.

If i told you that on the internet is all the information you’ll ever need to know how to do, have and be all you’ve ever wanted, would you do some digging?

Most wouldn’t.

The average person would rather spend months doing very strenuous physical labor digging a whole in the ground than an hour or two looking for golden information. I guess that’s why they call them the average people.

Speaking of the average person…when do finally get to surfing the internet, do you know what they’re doing?

  • Looking for the latest gossip on Tiger Woods, Chris Brown or President Robert Mugabe
  • Face-booking: Making friends with people they don’t know or care about and sharing pictures with strangers
  • Passing around email forwards that no one really reads and that everyone hates to receive.

And so on. Completely ignoring the gold at their finger tips.

So why did i write this post?

I don’t know. Maybe, i’m hoping you’re different. Or that you change. I’m hoping you don’t let 2010 pass you by the way this year did. I’m hoping you’ll invest more into empowering yourself than entertaining yourself. I’m really hoping you’ll get some gold in you.

Oh, how’s this for shallow gold. Right here on this very website are dozens of articles, posts and free books that are gold for your business and financial success!

Go on, be a gold digger!

Max Soutter

3 Replies to “Gold for Free…Calling All Gold Diggers!”

  1. You’re so right Max. And i can personally testify to the gold that’s on this website!

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