What Do People Wear In Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe clothing t-shirt
Cool t-shirt ha?

The kind of clothing Zimbabweans are wearing is apparently very important. More important in fact than what we eat or even where we live.

I’m not saying that’s MY opinion, I’m saying it’s OURS! Yours, mine and everyone else who searches the internet on Zimbabwe related issues.

Here’s how i know…

You see every-time a search is made, Google takes note of it. Over time, various tools measure how important certain topics are, based on their search popularity.

That means (right now) a website properly focused and optimized for Zimbabwe Clothing or fashion for example, will get more exposure than one that’s about most things you may consider more important.

What am i saying?

Whether you think what Zimbabweans Wear Isn’t Important

The only thing that matters, is what the market thinks. They determine the demand. They determine where and how much they’ll spend…and on what.

Here’s what else I’m saying…

Stop making assumptions!

Knowing what people in your market REALLY want is like Gold. Guessing will only get you so far.

Of course, It’s not just about having information. Now that you know our fashion style is a hot topic on the internet… now what? That’s the million (Quintillion?) dollar question. Knowing how to use this info is the real key…and the hard part.

If you’re not into the Zimbabwe Clothing industry, can information on our  clothing styles help you? Probably, but not in obvious ways. But the lesson most certainly can help… so here’s the bottom line, (one more time)

In the end, the person in your industry who has the deepest, most actionable information on you market…wins.

Hope it’s you.

Yours for smarter business

Max Soutter

p.s. By the way, if you like the t-shirt, this is where i found it

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