4 Customer Finding Power Tactics

Bet you’ve never thought of these ways to get new customers!

If you have, I’ll bet you haven’t acted seriously on any of them. How do I know? Because less than 5% of entrepreneurs actually use these power methods. Those who do, tend to be leaders in their industries. Not only because of they use little known strategies, but also because of the mindset that comes with it.


Anyways…here goes – four unusual ways to find new business.


You current Clients:

How often do you source new clients from your current clients? This happens through a referral program. Don’t be like most who underestimate the power of this. It’s already proven that prospects that find you by referral are more likely to spend, and spend big than almost any other source.


Make it a priority to design a referral program (there are dozens of ways) that suit you business. Don’t leave it to chance. EVERY single client you have should have the ‘opportunity’ to bring you more business, for additional benefit to themselves.


Previous prospects

Just because someone didn’t three months ago, doesn’t mean they wont today. Things change, new opportunities, circumstances and all sorts may prevent someone from buying the first time they intended to.


If you understand that, then you’ll see why it’s important to keep in touch with people who are interested in your product, even if they wont buy immediately.


This is another reason why it’s so vital to keep a regularly updated database of everyone who interacts with your business.


Previous Customers

Another overlooked source of business. If you service is good, and they’re still in your market reactivate them as a client. If you service was bad the first time, apologize, and find a way to make it up to them and activate them at the same time. Maybe they left the first time, because they found a better price, or because you ran out of stock, or maybe your receptionist was rude (God forbid). Whatever the case, you’d be surprised how many of these people would still be open to doing business again, with the right strategy.



Non-competing salespeople

If your sales people sell computers and someone else sells IT services, it’s likely you’ll have a lot of very useful info for each other. By building relationships with non competing business that target the same market as you do, you’ll achieve faster and easier. This is one of my personal favourites.





P.S. Even though in this post I’ve used the words ‘customers’ and ‘clients’ interchangeably there’s a very important and little known difference. It’s so huge that, if you really knew it you’d probably easily grow your biz. Send me a personal email about who you are and what you do and I’ll tell you what it is, why it’s important and how to work it – all in one paragraph!

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