What Year Albert Einstein Die?

Albert Einstein died in the year of 1955, April the 17th. He was 76. Albert Einstein experienced internal bleeding caused by the rupture of an aortic aneurysm, by the end of the next day he was dead. But so what?

Picture Of Einstein











You could ask that i suppose. I mean unless you’re a history, science buff, why would you care – right?


I bring up the death of Einstein for one reason;

Did you know that 5 decades after he’s death, thousands of people are STILL asking and learning about him from the internet alone?

The accomplishments of Albert Einstein make up a long list…more importantly, so do his contributions. Apparently all this makes him very difficult to forget. In fact they even kept his brain (check out the pic from National Geographic).





Of course Einstein isn’t the only one whose had a great impact. I heard recently that the powers that be are considering making Nelson Mandela day an international public holiday! No bad for some who spent almost 30 years in prison.

I’ wouldn’t be surprised if America one day declares a ‘Barrack Obama Day’.

Ok here’s the point of all this…Jay Abraham asked a question once that challenged me to the core

“If your business closes doors today, will the market miss out on anything?” The answer is a definite no for most businesses and entrepreneurs – fortunately though, you still have time to do something about that.

Provide a service worth talking about, make a contribution worth remembering. Go ahead, be more than just another meaningless dot in history.

Life is about more than just personal satisfaction, business is about more than just money.

Think about it – i know i will.

Max Soutter

p.s. oh by the way, thousands still ask about Hitler too – and He died a whole 10 years before Albert Einstein did. The number one question they’re ask – “Why did Hitler hate the Jews?”.

The world wants to remember Albert Einstein, and they wish they could forget Adolf Hitler. How will we feel about you? Will we feel anything at all?

7 Replies to “What Year Albert Einstein Die?”

  1. Hmmm. I doubt anyone will remember me Max. Seems a terrible thought – i mean i’m only 34 and already i know this as fact. Is there anything i can really do about it?

  2. i thought he could live long long… but infact , he died.. 🙁 wish him good luck 🙂 always beside him..

  3. What is the point if people remember you, but you don’t remember anything after you die?

  4. I thought his too old…
    in His previous days he had more experienced about electricity and magnetism.
    May he resat in peace!

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