How To Construct A Killer Stadium Pitch

crowed stadium
A Stadium full of your prospects

Okay I promised you that I’d show you how to design your ‘stadium pitch’. You remember what a stadium pitch is don’t you? If not – Check it out before you continue.

Now even if you never get to stand in a stadium, it’s likely you meet someone almost daily who needs to know what you do in a clear, persuasive, differentiated and memorable way. You can either keep stumbling through these marketing opportunities, or you can design a killer pitch that arm you for persuasion.  Here’s how…

1) Get Attention With A WOW Statement.
The first thing you say in person or in writing is extremely important… start off with an attention getter! You can do this in one of two main ways…

a) Use a WOW statement that makes someone say (wow…I didn’t know that – or wow, tell me more)
b) Use a well crafted Unique Selling Point (USP). A USP is basically a differentiating statement that establishes what problem you solve and why you’re the best or only person who does it. A proper USP will be attention getting to someone in your market.

2) Pour On The Bad News.
A lot of people have a problem with this one – not wanting to be negative. Look, I’m a VERY positive person. In fact many who know me consider me overly optimistic…yet even I use this.


Because it works! You see if you don’t know what the bad news is for your market, then you don’t know what’s driving them. Its no lie that bad news makes a deeper impression on the vast majority than good news.

A recent study revealed how more than 90% of people will do more to avoid losing Ten Thousand Dollars then they would to actually gain it. The fear of loss is a much greater motivation for them. It’s unfortunate, but not to be ignored by a smart marketer. Make sure you ad a quick and powerful statement  or two that highlights the bad news, disadvantage or danger you market is currently facing.

The goal is not to create a negative pitch, but to set up the case for the urgent importance of your solution. Sometimes without this, your ‘good news’ may lack context or fail to connect with your audience.

3) Solve the Problem & Differentiate.
Now that you’ve shown them the problem, show the solution. Not a general solution though…show how YOU specifically are the best solution. That’s done with a powerful Unique Selling Point (USP). Discover your USP by completing this statement;

My competitors only do this____________ BUT I do this___________

  • My competitor only gives you three days to pay but I’ll give you a 3 month payment plan
  • My competitors only provide 3 types of product X to choose from, I’ll give you a choice of 15 of the top brands to choose from.
  • My competitors take two weeks to complete the job, but I’ll do it for you in 7 days or less.

Be specific, not general. Be clear, not vague. Don’t say ‘better’, ‘cheaper’, ‘faster’ etc unless you can quantify it. That’s what makes a promise more believable and compelling.

Here it important to find the match between the most important distinction in your market, and the distinction that you can definitely deliver.

4) Make The First Action Step Clear And Easy.
If you’ve been compelling and if you’re talking to the right person, their next question will likely be…”So what next?” or “How to I start”. Don’t assume people know how to engage your services. Spell it out.

For example
“All you have to do is visit my Eastgate office, fill in a short form and it’s yours”

“Get started by visiting our office this Tuesday with a 50% deposit”

Where to use your stadium pitch?

Everywhere! In your chance encounters, for your sales presentations, in all your marketing materials etc. Once you’ve mastered and tested and settled on the best stadium pitch – make sure you use it all the time. Avoid the temptation to just wing it. Make it look natural and un-rehearsed, but always use it.

Look, there are quite a few things that go into a really killer presentation and it’s implementation, but the above should give you some good direction on how to greatly improve your own.

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5 Replies to “How To Construct A Killer Stadium Pitch”

  1. Max.

    Great stuff.

    How then do you handle a customer who tells you that he will be paid on 15 November, when you want to do an instant close.

    Is it worhwhile following such persons for I have seen from nasty experience that when you contact them on 15 November, the impulse to buy would have died.

  2. Excellent Max.

    First time i’ve even heard of a ‘stadium pitch’ and i used to be a marketing consultant! I think it’s one of those things everyone leaves to chance…until you really need it, then it’s too late!

    Love the blog.

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