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This is where my competitors would’ve lost a business opportunity not me. I came up with an idea he loved so much that we got to work immediately.

Here’s how it all happened.

As a family man, I was already spending cash on a daily basis for groceries – food especially. Well here was someone who owned a food shop and desperately wanted my services…duh! I said “Listen, if you pay me in cash, then it’s a lump some you cant afford, because you’ll still need cash for
operating costs. Why not divide up the cost of my service among these food products, and we’ll do a barter trade.

I explained that since my family can only eat so much, we cant possibly take all of it at once. So we divided it into 26, once a week deliveries (6 months of grocs) – in exchange for about 4 hours of my time. Good Deal? I thought so. Actually it worked out so well that we did it again after the first time. I’ve never had so many eggs in my life!

Analyze the deal…

Was he Pre-disposed? Yes, he really wanted the setup & strategic help I was offering.

Big reward? Yep, He got to setup his business with expert help on the easiest terms imaginable

Low risk? Yes. 6 months to pay a bill other businesses had to pay up front for.

Control? Yes, he was the one who had control over making those goods available to me every week. He could call it off if the services I’d given him didn’t live up to the promise.

Did it work for me? 5 Months later I was still eating, PLUS I’d acquired a new client who could now afford my up front fees for future projects & was referring his friends. I’ve since worked on 4 businesses with him and he’s latest business is growing fast…more business for me!

I’ve gone on to make these high leverage barter trade deals for newspaper & online advertising, computers services & equipment, office rentals, printing and more grocs. That means, once in a while, if I ever have to, I can afford to engage prospects very profitably, that my uncreative competitors are forced to ignore!

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