Zimbabwe Business: Business In Zimbabwe Standing Still

It’s true, business is standing still in Zimbabwe. Talk to any business owner and he’ll tell you how much money he’s owed – and how no one is paying up. You’re probably going through it yourself. There’s very little genuine economic activity taking place – and what a great opportunity for you!

Think about it.

When is the best time to overtake and make progress…when you competitors are running, or when they’re asleep? This is the time to gain market share… now that competitors are losing it. If you cant do that, then gain ‘mind share’ and if you can’t do that, then gain whatever kind of share you can!

Your choices are few. Either;

• Shrink back, fearful and discouraged
• Outsource your responsibility and response ability to others
by joining the blame game – Zanu PF, MDC, your parents,
pastor or whoever you want.
• Abandon your dreams of significance and contribution.
• Downsize your ambitions from greatness, to mere survival.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many and very good reasons to be discouraged and angry at political, business, church, education leaders. There are good reasons to become fearful of the present and lose hope for the future – to become selfish and self centric…but don’t.

Put to work these invisible forces of good in your life and business. Demand more from life – your skills, talents, opportunities time & every resource. Demand that the doors of possibility and prosperity be opened to you. Refuse to accept limitations and achieve your goals in 2009… no matter what.

Faith and hope are the very core of the entrepreneurial spirit. Selflessness and service are the backbone of the entrepreneurs business. Without these, you’re a victim, a weakling, a mediocre man or woman.

I truly believe that this is the best time to be pressing in to achieve business success – even in Zimbabwe. Don’t wait for circumstances to support you, let them catch up. You can beat your biggest and most fierce competitors by being bigger in spirit. While they complain, wait and procrastinate you move forward. You can gain incredible advantages that aren’t available in easier times. While they’re business is standing still, you’re moving forward.


Max Soutter

It all comes down to knowing how to turn bad news into good news and finding the opportunities hidden in problems…see that post here.

3 Replies to “Zimbabwe Business: Business In Zimbabwe Standing Still”

  1. Yes Max you are 100% right. I’ve seen in times past how important it is to be positive, cant help wandering nowadays how to do it and how much of a difference it makes?


  2. Great post – and timely too. As always Success in Zim is going to come down to how tough you are. Not just waiting around passively for the ‘talks’ which may never conclude, but taking action on one’s business ambition.

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