Biggest Business Mistake Of 2009

After 3000 hours of research and study I can tell you what the biggest mistake in business is. Turned out I didn’t even need to study to learn it.

It’s worse than investing in the wrong idea. It’s worse than having to redo a thing not done properly. Worse than hiring the wrong guy. It’s worse than over paying, undercharging, or any other strategic mistake. It’s…

Talking without acting.

We all do it once in a while – especially around about this time of the year. We talk about what we’re going to do – even write it down. We tell family and friends how 2009 things will be different. “I’m going to start that business, invest in marketing, pay for that service” etc Then after the hype is gone… nothing.

We forget. Procrastinate. Get distracted. Whatever.

Make this mistake once you’re likely to miss out on a great opportunity. Keep on making it, you’ll end up not just a failed entrepreneur, but a failure in life.

My advice? 2009 has come. Attack it. Not with words alone. With action. Swift, aggressive and consistent action. Use your words to embolden and inspire yourself into action. Use pressure to get your juices flowing into action. Refuse to be of the mediocre lot who talk of impressive things and don’t follow up. You’re of a different kind – you’re a success, you’re someone going somewhere.

A poor plan implemented is better than a brilliant plan, not implemented. If you made that business mistake in 2008, don’t do it in 2009

Max Soutter

p.s. There is one other mega mistake that’s a close 2nd for me…especially in Zimbabwe – check it out here

4 Replies to “Biggest Business Mistake Of 2009”

  1. Yikes…think i’m in danger of making this mistake
    again… thanks for the wake up call!

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